Our Principles

The meetings operate on a number of principles:

Please read it carefully if you would like to join the group

1. That time is shared amongst those who wish to offer a reflection and not dominated by one individual.

2. That reflections are offered without necessarily requiring response. Periods of silence following a reflection can encourage those to speak who haven’t already spoken.

3. We encourage reflections from the heart and from our own experience rather than from theory or books although excerpts from suttas / books or poetry can be used for discussion.

4. Our teachings are rooted in Forest Theravada and not Mahayana, Pure Land, new age, pagan, Christian, Islam, and so on, although these might be referred to.

5. We encourage anyone who wishes to, to offer to introduce an evening. This is because sharing our perspective on Dhamma and how we apply it in our lives is a valuable source of development. This is entirely voluntary and to be agreed with the senior members. Do not feel discouraged if you are asked to wait a while before leading.

6. No one should feel they are expected to speak. It is OK to remain silent during a discussion.

7. Experienced practitioners use their knowledge and judgment to correct misunderstandings of the Dhamma. The right time to do this may not necessarily be during the meeting.

8. Arguments over doctrine or teachings should be discouraged and the leader or a senior member may suggest a period of silence during discussion if this is felt to be useful in re-establishing a reflective atmosphere.